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Welcome to the

Department of Art History and Theory
National Art School

Website dedicated to providing teaching material to National Art School Students
Login and Password details for document access are provided on AHT course guides, or email michael.hill@nas.edu.au

National Art School Website:  www.nas.edu.au  

Art History and Theory Faculty
Dr Michael Hill
Head of Art History and Theory
Second Year Coordinator

Dr Georgina Cole
Lecturer, Art History and Theory
First Year Coordinator

Dr Jaime Tsai
Lecturer, Art History and Theory
Third Year Coordinator
Dr Shane Haseman
Lecturer, Art History and Theory
Third and Year Coordinator

Dr Christine Dean
Lecturer, AHT223 and AHT300

Dr Molly Duggins
Lecturer, AHT100 and AHT263

Dr Ian Greig
Lecturer, AHT210

Lorraine Kypiotis
Lecturer, AHT257

Dr Jessica Priebe
Lecturer, AHT100

Priya Vaughan
Lecturer, AHT267

Alex Trompf
Lecturer, AHT218

Staff external email link: https://mail.nas.edu.au/owa