Assessment Policy and Late Penalties

All assessments must be completed to pass AHT courses. If you are having difficulties and need to discuss assessments, please speak with your lecturer well in advance of the due date.

Late assessments are penalized at the following rates: 
1-6 days, 10%
7-13 days, 20%
14-20 days, 30%

Application to waive late penalty

If illness or misadventure has prevented you from submitting your assignment by the due date you may apply to have the late penalties lifted. 
Fill out the form below and email it, with supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate, letter from a treating professional), to your course coordinator upon submitting your assignment.

Please note: penalties are not waived for poor time management, work commitments, or course workload.

For more information, see  Department of Art History Assessment Submission Policy:

How to submit your essay and late penalty waiver application in one PDF:

Step 1. Save your essay as a PDF.

Step 2. Save your completed application form as a PDF.

Step 3. Open your essay PDF.  

Step 4. Navigate to 'document' -- 'insert pages' -- 'from file'

Step 5. Select your application form PDF.

Step 6. 'Insert Pages' box should open. Place your application form at THE START of your essay.  

Step 7. Save and submit.