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Visual analysis

Architectual analysis

Essay writing guide

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Readings and lecture images

Semester one
Week 1:   Ancient Greece: ideal bodies in sculpture and architecture 
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Clark.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Greece.pdf

Week 2:   Buddhist art in Ancient India 
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Behrendt.pdf
Lecture images:   http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Indian.pdf

Week 3:   Social objects: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Morphy.pdf

Week 4: Traditions of Chinese landscape painting 
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Kuo.pdf
Additional reading on art materials and techniques:  http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Silbergeld.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_SongYuan.pdf

Week 6:  Ancient Rome and Early Christian art  
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Calkins.pdf
Additional reading on women in the middle ages: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Carr.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_EarlyChristian.pdf

Week 7:  The Gothic cathedral 
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Pevsner.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Gothic.pdf

Week 8:   Late Medieval painting
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Miles.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Trecento.pdf

Week 9:  The Renaissance: Masaccio, Donatello, Botticelli
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Leornardo.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Renaissance.pdf

Week 10:  The High Renaissance: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_HighRenaissance.pdf

Week 11:  Art in Northern Europe: Van Eyck, Van der Weyden, Dürer
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Talbot.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Northern.pdf

Week 12:   Caravaggio and Artemisia in seventeenth-century Rome
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/Garrard_Gentileschi.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_BaroquePainting.pdf

Week 14:  Bernini, Borromini, and the Baroque
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Borromini_Bernini.pdf

Semester two
Week 16: Poussin, Claude, and the classical landscape / the theatre of Versailles
Lecture images:

Week 17:  Art at court: Rubens and Velazquez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Steinberg_Velazquez.pdf
Additional reading on Christ in the House of Mary and Martha: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Tiffany.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Rubens_Velazquez.pdf

Week 18: Art in the Dutch Republic
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Alpers.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Dutch.pdf

Week 19: Cabinets of curiosity, 17th-19th century

Week 20:  Reason and feeling in eighteenth-century art
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Diderot.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_France.pdf

Week 21: Art vs craft: an introduction to material culture
Lecture images:

Week 22: Art in Edo Japan

Week 23: Art and Colonialism in Australia
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Bonyhady.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Colonial.pdf

Week 24:   Romanticism I: Goya, Friedrich, Turner
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Rosenblum.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Romanticism1.pdf

Week 25:  Romanticism II: Ingres, Gericault, Degas
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Romanticism2.pdf

Week 26: Art, industrial culture and modernity
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_Gage.pdf
Lecture images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT100_industrial.pdf