Contemporary art in theory and practice 
Coordinator: Jaime Tsai

Course outline
http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 course guide 2018.pdf

Essay due by midnight on THURSDAY MAY 31st
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Exam shortlist: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 EXAM SHORTLIST.pdf

Readings and Lecture Images

Week 1: Introduction: Art of the last fifty years AND  Postmodernism in architecture
Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300Venturi.pdf
Images: Intro: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 INTRO.pdf
Architecture: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300W1ARCH.pdf

Week 2:  The end of art and contemporary pluralism                                                                                                                                                       
Readings: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/Davies_After_the_end_of_art.pdf
Additional Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 Wk3 Bois.pdf
Images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/End of Art_2018_.pdf

Week 3 Postcolonialism and art
Read pages 1-8 ONLY: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 Location of culture.pdf
Video (only 10 minutes): Bell Hooks on Rap Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtoanes_L_g
Images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300W3POCO.pdf

Week 5  : Site and space
Readings: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/Denes_Wheatfield.pdf
http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 Spiral Smithson.pdf
Additional Reading: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 Smithson sedimentation.pdf
Images: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300_Site.pdf

Week 6: Art and Feminism

Week 7: Body and performance art 
Additional Readings: 

Week 9:      Art in the age of terror

Week 10  :
 A multitude of images

Week 11    The medium is the message
Readings: http://www.nasaht.com.au/web_images/AHT300 Video.pdf

Week 12     Post-gender art